Ephedrine HCL 99.98% PURE

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for orders outside of the U.S. ask…

Send mailing address to recieve a your order.
Due to dishonost clients there will be NO FREE SAMPLES!

We ensure 100%  fast and safe delivery. The sample will prove we are reliable.

For futurer orders payments will be made in advance.
Please include in mail desired amount.
$20per gram under 1-49 grams
$15per gram 50-499 grams
$10per gram 500+
Create an acount with moneybookers.com
You will be given a client I.D./ payment confirmation.
Once payment confirmed is recieved your order will be released.
Followed by an email to assure the order has been sent.
  Send inquires to av.everything@gmail.com or skype eph-plus

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  1. ephplus says:

    Order Ephedrine HCL 99.98% purity here and get a 0.5 grams free sample… Simply send an email to ephplus @ gmail.com with:

    1.Name (Optional)
    2.Postal Address
    3.Contact Information


  2. warezbb69rox says:

    Do you send send orders out side of the usa, I live in new zealand, Can you reply let me no.

  3. ephplus says:

    I’d like to thank all of those [people out ther efollowing the blog right now. Please feel free to make a request for your free sample.

    In the mean time let me know whats on the minds of those out there.

    Give use some feedback.

    Thanks a million!

  4. ashim says:

    why everybody says that those products are dangerous,i dont think like that cause if you use them,use them carfully and in small parts then everything is gonna be ok.

  5. dina says:

    hello please send me free 0.2 gr.

    my email: dina301@hotmail.de


  6. Nice Post!!! Yes Ephedrine HCL is really a great product.

  7. Trevor says:

    i created a moneybrokers account, how do i order? Thank you

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